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      1. We are discount jewelry exporter from China,we specialize in wholesale jewelry,discount fashion jewelry, including cheap jewelry,
        handmade jewelry and other jewelry with necklace, bracelet,earrings and more.

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        Winners in June

        1 Donna Hamilton
            Time:2011-6-15 3:43:00
        2 Ulrich Schaefer
            Time:2011-6-07 7:07:00
        3 Linda Shock
            Time:2011-6-26 21:02:00

        Winners in May

        1 Margarita
            Time:2011-5-19 11:18:00
        2 Olga Gold
            Time:2011-5-3 23:51:00
        3 SANDRA
            Time:2011-5-6 6:30:00

        Winners in April

        1 Renee Weight
            Time:2011-4-1 13:02:00
        2 T.S.Vidya Wathi
            Time:2011-4-14 5:40:00
        3 lauren hornaday
            Time:2011-4-16 19:08:00

        Winners in March

        1 karen sowell
            Time:2011-3-19 17:45:00
        2 NAOMI RYAN
            Time:2011-3-13 6:23:00
        3 Ursula Novak
            Time:2011-3-1 14:05:00

        Winners in February

        1 ali babakhanian
            Time:2010-1-26 18:43:00
        2 Kathy Parsons
            Time:2011-2-13 8:20:00
        3 Melanie McAlpine
            Time:2011-2-9 15:20:00

        Winners in January

        1 Gina Elhariri
            Time:2011-1-11 9:10:00
        2 Debra Smith
            Time:2011-1-8 0:36:00
        3 Tina Williams
            Time:2011-1-2 2:43:00

        Winners in December

        1 Jay Jay Godinski
            Time:2010-12-15 16:33:00
        2 Sufiyan Thajudeen
            Time:2010-12-1 7:41:00
        3 Tom Anderser
            Time:2010-11-21 7:41:00

          Pearl Necklace

          Pearl necklace is always a woman’s favorite. It is versatile and timeless, available at nearly all kinds of occasions, suitable for various kinds of apparel, and favored by woman of all ages. It is an indispensable jewelry in every woman’s jewelry collection.
          You can easily get the beautiful pearl necklace as gift if you are selected to be the lucky winner.
          The pearl necklace is made by 9-10 mm freshwater pearl and is 17.5 inches.

        How to Enter

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        1. Our system shall pick up 3 lucky customers for free prize every month. The winners will be drawn on 15th of each month.
        We shall notify the prize winners via email, they will then have 48 hours to respond to the email and confirm their win. If a winner not respond within 48 hours, the prize will be redrawn at a time convenient to Bjbead.com.
        All unsuccessful subscribers will not be notified.
        Winner name and the date they subscribed will be announced on this pages after they have confirmed their win..

        2. Winner prize will be sent winners'address via mail post with no additional charges, and declared as gift.

        3. In case of holiday time here, we shall postpone and restart when we are back for work.

        4. Information collected for the purpose of this promotion is subject to Bjbead’s Privacy Policy.

        Email: ayongsk@163.com